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Adolfo Ramirez Closes on Existing Home in One Day through Move Up Program

Congratulations to Adolfo Ramirez who closed on his existing home today as part of our move up program! Adolfo now patiently awaits the build of his brand new D.R. Horton home in San Antonio.

Even more impressive, Adolfo received four offers in just 24 hours for his beautiful home and it was sold in a record time of just one day as a result of the program.

Many San Antonio area homeowners are deciding that now is a perfect time to move up to another home. Our Move Up Program is designed to make buying and selling an easier process and help you save more money in the long run. There is no question that selling one home and buying another at the same time can be confusing. Our goal is to simplify the Move Up Process.

Through the program, I help maximize the proceeds from the sale of your current home and sell it fast enough so you can move on and into your new home with mind at ease.

What exactly is a Move Up Program?

Basically, a “Move Up” is when you are actively pursuing a home purchase (resale or new construction), but in order to move forward, you need help selling an existing home or investment property.

While this situation is commonly referred to as a “move up program”, it does not always have to involve moving from a smaller to a larger or more expensive house. Sometimes, it simply involves finding a house that is a more appropriate size or in a more ideal location for your current circumstances.

What are the Move Up Benefits?


  • You can Save More Money
  • You can Sell your House Faster
  • You can Make More Money when you Sell
  • You have Less Risk
  • You are kept Up-to-Date Every Step of the Way


Congrats again Adolfo!

If you are interested in a move up program, contact me today!

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